prepares your business for the future.


We connect man and machine in both directions - so that they both reach their full potential.

Thanks to automation and digitalization, companies reach a higher level on both a technical and human level. Companies create a safer working environment for their employees, make their work more targeted and less repetitive, and the service also becomes more personal.

These are our core values


We see every collaboration as a partnership, in which we create, grow, and develop together. Each company has its expertise and we can only get stronger by joining these forces and supporting each other.

Long term vision

We are your long-term future-proof partner. Innovation never stops and that is why Digi-Flow is always ready to make any improvements.

Grow for life

Innovation is a top priority for Digi-Flow. That is why we continuously invest in market research to stay informed of the latest technologies. This way you are always presented with the best solution.


Even though we work intensively with technologies, we never lose sight of our humane side. That is why we strive for warm, understanding relationships with our customers. And we do not lose sight of the personal and professional development of our engineers.


The following industrial (r) evolution is in full swing: from Industry to Smart Industry, also known as Industry 4.0. This will ensure that production-related companies will be able to produce (cost) more efficiently, more qualitatively, and more reliably. Thanks to the availability and integration of both traditional (IT, Industrial automation, ...) and new technologies (IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, M2M, ...) the next level of production will be reached. This means that Western Europe will again become a very important region for (large) industry, which has given shape and prosperity to this region in the past.

Traditional 'automation companies' should also evolve and develop to this level in order to be able to guide and support their customers in a useful way. The importance of the industrial 'next generation' automation partners will play an important role in enabling customers to evolve to the next production level in a targeted and successful manner.

This is the vision and the path that Digi-Flow resolutely takes with the entire team of professionals and specialists.





Start of ESAS

Founder: Robert Decant

Specialized in IT Services

Start of Solindus

Founder: Eric Decant

Specialized in industrial automation

Origin of ESAS Automation

A merger of ESAS & Solindus

Active in industrial automation & IT services

Origin of Digi-Flow:
The autonomy of ESAS Automation

Founders: Eric & Robert Decant

The future-proof partner for industrial automation and digitalization

The Digi-Team

Passionate about automation, fascinated by the future

Digi-Flow is a company with several generations. Founders Eric and Robert Decant have extensive experience in industrial and digital transformations. Together with a new, driven generation, they form Digi-Flow. With knowledge of the latest technologies and a human approach, they put your company on the highway to future-proof professionalism.

Eric Decant


Robert Decant

Chairman of the Board

Lissa Decant

Managing Partner - Business Unit Manager Consulting

Steven Poelmans

Business Unit Manager Projects & Solutions

Eric Decant


Robert Decant

Chairman of the Board

Lissa Decant

Managing Partner
Business Unit Manager Consulting

Steven Poelmans

Business Unit Manager
Projects & Solutions

Pieter Van Daal

Project Manager

Bart Rawoe

Project Lead

Maarten Van Reeth

Project Lead

Kim Willems

HR & Finance Officer

Want to work at Digi-Flow?

Passionate about automation and fascinated by the future?

Working at Digi-Flow


We consist of a large team of engineers with experience in various sectors. Each of our engineers has a varied and proven skill set in:

  • IT (Information Technology)
  • OT (Operational Technology)
  • ET (Electrical Technology)

This way we complement each other perfectly, and we quickly strengthen your company with the knowledge you need.


Our team is at your service every day with a smile. Why? Because we love new challenges and projects in which we can assist our customers.

As a customer, you are number 1. We find it extremely important to communicate transparently and be flexible under all circumstances. We do not shy away from any challenge.

As a team, we dedicate ourselves to develop the best solution for your project. We support each other and approach everything with an open mind to guarantee you the best results.


Industry 4.0 is about connecting and communicating with each other. We believe this approach is necessary to create Smart Factories. By working together as good partners, we give our customers even better solutions and a service that runs smoothly.

We are therefore always looking for partners for co-development and co-creation. To grow together, and to help our customers in the best way. Partners with the same vision, mission, and core values are therefore worth gold to us.

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