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Automation and digitalization from A to Z.

Digi-Flow is the partner for future-proof end-to-end solutions for your industry.

We manage your project from a to z with the right flow: from analysis to development and from implementation to support. We think along at a strategic level and fine-tune each solution to your company.

  • Custom-developed software and solutions
  • On-site and/or remote support
  • Flexible and fast service




Digi-Flow focuses on industrial automation projects from A to Z. Thanks to our knowledge and experience with various systems, we can also respond to ongoing projects, or for daily management and support.

Are you looking for additional knowledge in a specific field or a specific in-house profile?

Take a look at consulting.

How we work


Overview of possibilities and opportunities.

Do you want to take the next step towards becoming a Smart Factory, but you are not sure where to start? During analysis, we find out what objectives you have in mind for your production process and machines, and what potential they should achieve.

Our engineers and analysts study the requirements, needs and objectives of your project.
We base this analysis on:

  • facts and figures
  • in-house research
  • external scientific sources.

We investigate various options and write a proposal based on your criteria that meets your predefined requirements.

We discuss the difficult areas that you are dealing with now and the opportunities that lie within them. Thanks to this report, our engineers know what to take into account during the execution of your project while collecting crucial information to ensure a smooth transition.


Fine-tuned to your project.

After a thorough and thoughtful analysis of your industrial environment, we understand what is holding your business back from reaching its full potential.

We reduce these obstacles thanks to customized technological solutions. If desired, we write down a clear path for the possible solutions for your company.

No ordinary solutions at Digi-Flow. Each subject is completely tailored to your company because each case is unique and requires a different approach. Your wishes and objectives are central throughout the entire phase.

Do you already have an analysis and/or design proposal? Then we would like to start our cooperation immediately with the next phase: development and engineering.

Development & Engineering

Truthful simulations.

Our engineers are ready to get started with your project. As soon as you give the green light about the solutions you wish to implement, we draw up an action plan.

We simulate the software and the possible interfaces, to give you the most accurate picture of the different processes and applications.

We test these simulations at our office or in your company. This way we are sure that each part is sharply aligned with the other.

You are not bound to certain brands for your project. Our experts are completely at home in the various aspects of Industry 4.0 and work together with various partners. That is why we work brand independent. So you never get a standard package, but a well-thought-out solution that is fully tailored to your company.


Expertise in your company.

During the implementation phase, we come to your company on site. We fully roll out the design:

  • connecting electrical components
  • testing inputs and outputs of the Programmable Logic Controllers
  • applying and testing new processes on active production processes or machines
  • configuring, coordinating and setting up software and hardware
  • comissioning
  • if applicable provide training for the customer


On-site and remotely.

A project can only remain successful by continuously monitoring and adjusting it. Our service, therefore, does not stop when the project is rolled out. Also afterward, if desired, we are continuously available either at your site or remotely.

For us, support is more than just responding to your questions. We will continue to proactively monitor your project, predict possible challenges and make timely adjustments to guarantee you the best results.

We use the latest technologies to keep an eye on everything. For example Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We monitor your production based on real-time data and make adjustments if necessary, even remotely.

Thanks to these new technologies, we make faster, better and more informed decisions. With self-learning algorithms, we can even make predictions to be prepared for anything.

Digi-Flow always strives for your success. That is why we do everything we can to assist you at crucial moments. No bridge is too far for our engineers to ensure the smooth operation of your production and systems.

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