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Digi-Flow is the partner for consulting projects.

Do you need extra knowledge or experience for an automation or digitalization project? Or can you use extra help during busier periods, or in the absence of employees? Our Digi-Flow in-house consultants are at your service.

For short and long durations

For specific projects or as a replacement

From junior to expert

Always the best match

Our team is large and varied. Therefore you can be sure that we always find the ideal match for your project. We will work with you to determine which skills are required for your demand and what you want to achieve. We then propose the profiles that are best suited to help you:

  • Engineers specialized in various fields with proven experience.
  • Thanks to the Digi-Academy, our engineers are always aware of the latest developments.
  • Junior, medior, and senior profiles.

Would you rather outsource the management to a company and work in a project regime? Take a look at Projects & Solutions.

How we work

We analyze your needs and draw up a clear job description together with you. Based on this, we propose suitable profiles. We take into account the knowledge of specific fields, the level of knowledge you deem necessary and the match with your company culture.

Based on this analysis, we determine which of our employees is the best match for your project. During this search, we gauge the interests of potential candidates. When these match the requirements set by you, we introduce the profiles to you.

Interested in one or more profiles? Then there will be a personal interview between you and the candidate(s), to check whether there is a possible match. These interviews are very important to form a solid and trustworthy relationship.

Do you both have a good feeling about the collaboration? Then we coordinate our expectations well to ensure a smooth progress.

We think it is important that our employees continue to develop on a personal and professional level. That is why we regularly schedule an evaluation moment with you and our employees to coordinate even better and to maintain long-term cooperation.



  • E&I
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • IoT


  • Developers .net, c#
  • Java, Python
  • Data & Network analysts
  • API-builders
  • Web & Security


  • Scada, plc, dcs
  • Security
  • Siemens, Phoenix
  • Schneider
  • Safety


  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • HVAC

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