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At Digi-Flow you are welcomed in a pleasant working environment. You can count on great colleagues, challenging projects where you get enough freedom, and a future-proof environment where lifelong learning is a core value.

We want to be not only an employer but also a partner in your further development and your career. The balance between digital and human is of the utmost importance to us: not only with our customers but also with you in the workplace.

Wondering what it is like to work at Digi-Flow? Dive into these 2 testimonials from our employees and learn how they experienced their work process at Digi-Flow.



Growing and developing together is very important to Digi-Flow. Lifelong learning is therefore a core value. We do not just want to be an employer, but a partner in the professional and personal growth of our employees.

Digital versus humane

In addition to all automation and digitalization, Digi-Flow also attaches great importance to the human aspect. We offer plenty of time for relaxation and team moments to create nice memories and to strengthen the bond of the Digi-team.

Trust and freedom

Everyone at Digi-Flow gets the right level of confidence and therefore enough freedom to develop themselves and to be responsible for various projects. In this way, we can follow up closely and ensure that everyone gets the right projects that fit their skillset.

Passion for innovation

Everyone at Digi-Flow is free to engage in market research and accelerate new technologies and solutions. This market is constantly evolving, which means there is a lot of room for improvement.

Are you curious about what it is like to be part of our Digi-Team?

Dive into the testimonials of our employees and learn how they experienced their work process at Digi-Flow.


At Digi-Flow there is always room to grow. As an employee, you will be well monitored, so that you can work on projects that fit your skillset and you can take on new challenges.

I quickly felt at home in the Digi-Flow team. Especially because we undertake many activities together that strengthen our bond. For example the Digi-Bars.

That team feeling is one of the reasons why it is so nice to work here. I also like Digi-Flow's forward-looking approach and attention to automation. For me, it is fantastic to think along with our customers and to provide them with end-to-end solutions with which they achieve their goals. The team spirit here is wonderful: everyone is driven to complete all projects succesfully.


At Digi-Flow you end up in a welcoming family where everyone is passionate about technology. Do you have a problem or are you struggling with something? Then someone is immediately ready to help you.

Everyone comes to work here with a smile, but it is not only working here that makes sense. After work hours, there are enough moments for relaxation as well to create beautiful moments together.

I love that from the start I had the opportunity to show who I am and what I am worth. I was immediately challenged and that confidence is very beneficial. I am proud on providing the best service: we adapt when there are major time differences in international projects and also provide assistance at night if needed.

Working on projects is always quite an experience: we think along with our customers to offer them the best experience and sometimes push our own boundaries.


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